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My name is Kai Behning, and I’m looking forward to flying for you soon. With me you have a professional at your side having more than 30 successful years in technical service projects - worldwide.

My name is Myriam Wälde-Behning. Since more than 10 years I have been passionately devoting myself to photography and professional image processing. My strengths are creativity and linguistic text writing skills.

My name is Rainer Heusch. I contribute as an experienced business consultant, accomplished hobby photographer and sales specialist both behind the scenes and in the planning and implementation of your projects.

We are happy to advise you with our expertise and support you in presenting your company and your passion for leisure and work in an impressive way. Let us write the story of your life’s challenges and adventures and visualize them with unique photos and recordings.

Please contact us.

We have an approval of the aviation authorities in Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania und Rhineland-Palatinate and can fly in many places being legally prohibited for private individuals, and we do not have to apply for a special authorisation therefore.

Of course, we also have a commercial liability insurance for our flights. We fly both in Germany and all over Europe for you. „Safety first”, anytime and anywhere.

Hindernisse können mich nicht aufhalten; Entschlossenheit bringt jedes Hindernis zu Fall. Leonardo da Vinci it. Maler
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We fly
to bring
your story
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next level

You get expressive aerial photographs with a clear statement, professionally edited and much more. You benefit from our experience and knowledge. You will generate new business customers.

You will have more time for new projects, because we are your one-stop supplier. And time is money. With astonishing perspectives, finding a common path into a successful future. Shaping. Taking chances.

Analysis of infrastructures. Appraisal of real estates and constructions, documentation of industrial installations, image videos, inspection of wind turbines, landscape design, damage survey.

Aerial photos of vacation houses, close-ups of fields and vineyards, indoor flights, sports events, port facilities and much more. You have questions or suggestions? Please contact us.

Achieving highly efficient results by using an infrared drone, e.g. within the scope of restructuring projects, inspection of solar panels or industrial installations.

Financial and temporal expenditure are significantly minimised. Planning phases are considerably shortened and tight budgetary resources purposefully used.

For more information, see here or please contact us.

Die Zukunft soll man nicht voraussehen wollen, sondern möglich machen. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry frz. Schriftsteller
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We believe
in the spirit
of photographs
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Fly safely
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We are creative minds Our packages


Business customer
  • ~ 40min flight time
  • 15 aerial photos
  • professional development
  • officially approved flights
  • liability insurance


Business customer
  • ~ 40min flight time
  • ~ 90s video or raw data
  • professional development
  • officially approved flights
  • liability insurance


Business customer
  • ~ 20min flight time
  • infrared aerial photos
  • real aerial photos
  • officially approved flights
  • liability insurance


Private customer
  • guaranteed minimum flight time
  • aerial photos and video
  • fixed price packages
  • flights with infrared camera
  • special offer "roof / solar"

SEALpix supports the DGzRS (German Maritime Search and Rescue Association) regularly. Either by the annual sale of picture calendars or, as this year, filming Baltrum station with the drone, especially for the „DGzRS Day 2020“. It was a pleasure for us to provide the DGzRS with the raw material. Here is the link to the video.